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FocusedJOBS is a UK based independent advertising space, tailored to assist the needs of Candidates looking for work and Recruiters looking to fill a job role.

We take extra special care for all parties to find the suitable person for a role or the perfect candidates a recruiter can reach out too in any industry out there.

We do this because we love too!

Almost immediately we can reach out to each other and give the best service to either the client / Candidate or Recruiter

This was founded in Liverpool and is available all over the UK at a click of a finger


Recruiters can advertise and CV search using special Boolean searches / view existing and expired jobs or even edit them on your personal Job board       

You can do all this simply by logging into our beautifully designed web site at home or in the work place

This takes a couple of minutes to get set up and ready to please your clients with the Freshest and most professional employees

Why not do it – Recruitment from a few clicks, reach out to thousands even millions of perfect potential placements at work or even at home


You can send your CV for your favourite jobs almost immediately / find work in your local area or even round the country / be recognised by 1000’s of Specialist recruiter that are desperate to speak to you

All it takes is a simple log in at home or on the go

If you’re looking for work now – sign up now and search through our newest jobs out there

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Focused JOBS

'A great job searching app at last!'

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